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Jessie J Wows at Morocco’s Mawazine Festival

الإثنين, مايو 27th, 2013

Oujda Portail – Lyrics News: Jessie J put on a stellar headlining concert in the second day of Morocco’s biggest music festival, the Mawazine Festival, held in the capital city Rabat on May 25. The British singer-songwriter’s show last just over an hour long with a setlist featuring plenty of the tracks from her debut album “Who You Are”, including the David Guetta-produced “LaserLight” from the re-release edition, and superb covers of classics by Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, Luther Vandross, or Aerosmith. Hightlights of the new night were two: first, when Jessie J moved everyone’s hearts when she dedicated a beautiful song to a young girl in the crowd (25:30), and second, when the Londoner performed – contrary to her label’s instructions – a few seconds of her brand new single, the Claude Kelly-penned “Wild”, from her upcoming sophomore album (29:00). “Wild” is flawless. Jessie J sings it with such passion! Loved the interaction with the crowd too.

Jessie J Wows at Morocco's Mawazine Festival

Jessie J Wows at Morocco’s Mawazine Festival

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